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PM Laptop Scheme 2024 All Latest FAQs

PM Laptop Scheme 2024 FAQs

There are many questions related to the PM laptop scheme in the minds of many students, for which complete details have been provided in this article. Aspiring students can get the answers to the questions from the information provided. Further information on the application procedure and eligible universities is also summarized in this article.

What is PM Laptop Scheme 2023 in Pakistan?

The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme is a scheme launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan for meritorious students under which free laptops are provided on the basis of merit.

How to apply for Laptop Scheme in 2024?

The application process is very easy; for this, a portal has been set up by the government. Aspirants can go to this portal and submit their online application. The given link can be used to reach the portal

How I will know I am Selected or not?

After applying, students can check their status with the help of the given portal:

My status is disapproved. What does it mean?

Disapproval can only be done by the focal person of the university or college on the grounds of non-fulfillment of academic documents, misbehavior etc.

Can anyone collect laptop on my behalf?

No, the student must be present to receive the laptop. Please receive your laptop as per the specified time and date. If you are unable to receive it, inform the university or college in this regard in time and receive your laptop within 10 days; otherwise, you may lose it.

My status shows I am selected when will i get my laptop?

The laptops will be distributed by the university or college as per the scheduled date. You will be notified via email about the distribution, and then you will be able to go and receive the laptop according to the specified time and date. For more details, contact your university or college focal person.

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Are the laptops provided under the scheme free of cost?

Till now, laptops have been provided free of charge under the Laptop Scheme. But it may not happen in the next phase. More details about this will be seen in the advertisements published by the government. But you don’t need to worry; they are usually free and hopefully will continue to be free.

Is the laptop scheme being converted into an iPad scheme by the government?

So far, no such decision has been taken by the government, but it is possible that the laptop scheme will be replaced with the iPad scheme in the near future. According to recent updates, the government will conduct a survey among the students in this regard, in which a decision will be taken according to the needs of the students.

PM Laptop Scheme 2024 FAQs

Must be a university or college student to get a laptop?

Yes, students must be university or college students to get a laptop. More details regarding this will be shared according to the criteria issued in the coming time.

Is the PM Laptop Scheme available in all provinces of Pakistan?

Yes, the aim of the laptop scheme is to benefit students belonging to any province of Pakistan. So that the students can be helped to enhance their academic ability in this modern age and they can create online employment opportunities for themselves with the help of this laptop.

Is the PM Laptop Scheme a one-time initiative?

No. The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme is designed as an ongoing initiative. Its different phases may be introduced from time to time in the coming years.

Can a student who got a laptop in the previous phase get a laptop again?

According to the current policies, a student can get a laptop only once. Changes in these policies can be expected in the coming years.

How to Apply for PM Laptop Scheme 2024

Registration is being started by HEC soon on the instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Interested students can click on the apply online link given below to learn the complete details and complete their registration. Note that applications for laptop schemes can only be submitted online; there is no offline procedure.

Eligible Universities/Colleges

Students enrolled in government-run universities and colleges that are officially approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) For more details visit: Eligible Universities List By HEC

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