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Maryam Nawaz's Solar Panel Scheme For Farmers 2024

Solar Panel Scheme For Farmers

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has decided to start a solar panel scheme for farmers. Under this scheme, small farmers belonging to Punjab will be able to get solar panels. The purpose of the Punjab government starting this project seems very clear; according to them, this project is to remove the problems of expensive electricity, especially for the farmers, so that they can get more reward for their hard work. In this article, you will get complete information about this scheme launched by the Punjab government. You will be told which farmers can complete their registration for this scheme and get the solar system. Full details are provided in this article.

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Background of CM Solar Panels Scheme

If we talk about the background of this scheme by the Punjab government, we have to go back a little. During the election campaigns, Maryam Nawaz Sharif promised to give free solar panels to the farmers. And this scheme was started for the farmers on his behalf as soon as he assumed the post of Chief Minister of Punjab after the election. The main objective of starting this scheme is to reduce the financial pressure on farmers due to the rising prices of electricity and gas.

Objectives of the Farmer Solar Scheme

This scheme has been started by the Punjab government to provide maximum relief to the farmers, keeping in mind various objectives. Let me give you information about the basic objectives of starting this scheme here.

Solar Panel Scheme For Farmers

If we talk about the first and main objective of starting this scheme, it is to provide solar panels to the farmers to run the tube wells so that the financial expenses can be reduced. Due to the increasing electricity and gas prices in Punjab, there is a clear increase in the financial expenses of the farmers, and for this reason, they have to bear losses in farming. But this scheme has been started by the government to save the farmers from the same loss. If we talk about further objectives, adopting solar-powered tubewells will help the farmers increase operational efficiency. Further, the use of solar panels provided by this scheme will help improve environmental sustainability. Because earlier farmers used petrol and diesel engines to run the tubewells, which emitted clear carbon emissions, But adopting tubewells powered by solar energy will clearly help in reducing carbon emissions.

Who will be eligible to benefit from the Farmer Solar scheme?

Since then, no clear advertisement has been released by the government, but according to some front-up updates, solar panels will be provided to small-scale farmers within the first phase. Farmers who want to get solar panels will have to cultivate their own land. Further, as soon as any update is issued by the government, you will get to see the complete details through the same website.

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Registration Procedure for Solar Panel Scheme

For those farmers who are willing to get solar panels from the government and want to know the registration procedure, then I am going to provide a complete explanation of the procedure here. First of all, let me tell such farmers that the government has not started the registration phase yet. But the registration process will be started by the government within the next few days. After which, the aspiring farmers will be able to go to their nearest Bank of Punjab branch, get the application form, and complete their registration. Further, if there is any kind of update in this regard, then you will get to see the complete details on the same website.


Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz is starting a solar panel scheme for farmers with 630 billion rupees. Under which farmers will be provided with free solar panels for running tube wells. In this article, the farmers have been informed about the complete details of this scheme so that the information can be conveyed to those farmers who want to get complete information about this scheme. Further details regarding registration have also been shared in this article. I hope all the information provided in this article will be beneficial to the readers.

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