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How to Complete BISP Program Registration Step by Step Guide 2024

BISP Program Registration

The government has started the registration phase to register new families in the BISP program. Now, such families who have not yet been able to join the program will be able to complete their registration. After completing the registration, in case of eligibility, the quarterly amount of 10500 will be available every three months. In this article, such families will be told about the step-by-step procedure to complete the registration. Following which, such families will be able to complete their registration.

Further in this article, complete guidance will be provided about the complete procedure to get the money in case of eligibility after completing the registration. If you belong to a poor family and you want to get complete information and complete the registration, then you need to read the article completely.

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Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria for joining the BISP program.

PMT Score: The household that completes the registration must have a poverty score of 32 or below. Households with scores above 32 cannot be part of this program.

Government Employees: Households whose members are employed in any government agency cannot register for this program. Nor can their spouse complete the registration for this program.

Car Owners: Families whose financial conditions are stable and who own any cars are also not eligible for this program.

Identity Card: Families who do not have a Pakistani identity card issued by NADRA are also not eligible for this program.

Monthly Income: Households whose monthly income is more than Rs 60,000 cannot complete their registration for this program.

Other programs: Families who are already receiving financial assistance through any government program can also complete their registration for this program.

BISP Program Registration Step by Step Guide

How to Complete Registration in BISP Program?

Families who are not yet part of the Benazir Income Support Program but want to complete their registration need to know a few things first. Completing the NSER survey is a requirement for BISP to complete the registration. Therefore, families whose NSER survey is not complete should first complete their survey process from any nearest BISP tehsil office. After completing the survey process, if the poverty score of the household is found to be 32 or below 32, then the female head of the household will be made a part of the program. After becoming a part of the program, the woman will be provided financial assistance of 10,500 every three months. So that they can raise themselves and their family in a better way.

The question must have arisen in the minds of many people here that all the members of the family have to go to the office to get the survey done. So in answer to this question, let me tell you that no, only the female head of the household has to go to the BISP office to complete the survey.

How to know the eligibility after completing the survey?

After completing the survey, female heads of household need to check their eligibility to know about their eligibility. The purpose of the eligibility check is to ensure whether they have been included in the program or not. Women who have completed their survey but want to check their eligibility and do not know the procedure. For such women, I am going to inform you here about the eligibility check. After which, women will be able to check their eligibility at home.

First of all, such women have to enter their ID card number by visiting the 8171 web portal to check their eligibility. After entering the ID card number on the web portal, a captcha code appears on the screen, which has to be entered in place of the captcha code. After which, the find button has to be pressed. As soon as the button is pressed, the complete details about the woman’s eligibility appear on the screen. In this way, women can get information about their qualifications at home with the help of their mobile phones.

How to know the eligibility after completing the 8171 survey

Remember, after checking eligibility, if eligible, women can go to any nearby payment center and collect their money. If such women encounter any kind of problem receiving money, they can go to the BISP tehsil office and register their complaint. After they file the complaint, the office will immediately release their money.


In conclusion, the BISP program’s new registration phase is a significant step towards supporting underprivileged families. It’s a straightforward process: complete the registration, check if you’re eligible, and if you are, you’ll get Rs. 10,500 every three months. This article has laid out everything you need to know, from the eligibility criteria to the registration steps. Remember, it’s the female head of the household who needs to complete the survey at the BISP office. Once that’s done, checking your eligibility is easy with the 8171 web portal. So, if you’re looking to lift your family’s fortunes, make sure to follow the guidelines shared here. It’s a chance for a better life, and it’s just a few steps away.

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