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PM Laptop Scheme New Registration Latest Update 2024 (1)

PM Laptop Scheme 2024

The PM Laptop Scheme is an important step taken by the government of Pakistan to promote digital inclusion and increase access to education. As you know, the government of Pakistan is going to start the registration process for the laptop scheme within the next few days, so it is very important for the beneficiaries to understand the registration process and important details. In this article, there is a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to complete the registration of the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme and other necessary information. If you also want to benefit from this scheme, then this article is extremely beneficial for you.

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What is the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme? 

The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme is actually a scheme started by the Government of Pakistan, the aim of which is to distribute laptops to talented students on the basis of merit. So that they can develop their research and technical skills along with their academic qualifications. This scheme launched by the Government of Pakistan acts as an important pillar to bridge the digital divide and empower students in their educational activities.

PM Laptop Scheme Registration Update 2024

Registration Process for PM Laptop Scheme 2024

To complete the registration under the laptop scheme launched by the Government of Pakistan, students need to follow the simple online registration process. A detailed and step-by-step registration guide can be obtained by visiting the official scheme website and portal. Which ensures easy access for aspiring students. In order to complete the registration process, the aspiring students need to go to the established special web portal, complete the registration form, and provide correct information about their educational background and contact information.

Moreover, it is very important for the aspiring students to stay updated about all the government announcements and important dates related to the registration process. So that the registration can be completed as soon as the registration process starts. In this regard, I mentioned at the beginning that the government is going to start the registration process within the next few days. Further, as soon as any official statement is released by the government, you will be updated with the complete details on the same website.

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Eligibility Criteria

There may be some changes in the eligibility criteria by the Government of Pakistan this time, but generally the scheme targets students who have taken admission in universities or institutions recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Generally, students need to meet the eligibility criteria to avail of the laptop scheme. As for these eligibility criteria, they may include admission to a university or institution recognized by the Higher Education Commission, a specific academic qualification, and enrollment in a specific field of study. 

Eligibility Criteria For PM Laptop Scheme 2024

Along with all these eligibility criteria, the aspiring students also need to ensure that they have never received a laptop from this scheme before. Because the eligibility criteria set by the government include the fact that a student can get a laptop only once under this scheme from the government. Eligibility requirements may vary from year to year, so it is imperative that aspiring students review the specific eligibility criteria outlined by program officials at the time the registration process begins.


The PM Laptop Scheme 2024 offers an opportunity to meritorious students to get a free laptop from the government after completing a few easy steps. By understanding the registration process and eligibility criteria provided in detail in the article, aspiring students can make the most of the scheme. In this regard, Fatima Khawaja, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Youth Affairs, announced on Friday that the Government of Pakistan is going to start registration for the laptop scheme soon under the umbrella of the Prime Minister Youth Program. He further said in this regard that the government intends to distribute laptops to 1 lakh talented students this time. Further, as soon as any new news in this regard comes out, you will get to see the complete details here.

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