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CM Punjab E-Rickshaw Scheme 2024 (New Updates)

Punjab E-Rickshaw Scheme

After the bike scheme, the Punjab government has decided to start the E-Rickshaw Scheme. The government will distribute electric rickshaws to 26,000 poor and deserving people under this scheme. What steps are being taken by the Punjab government in this regard? Who will be able to get a rickshaw under this scheme? You will get to see the complete details in this article. Basically, the purpose of starting this scheme on behalf of the Government of Punjab is to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed.

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Goal of the Scheme

By the way, the purpose of starting this scheme on behalf of the government is to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed, but this scheme will also create a revolution in the transportation sector. Where the government provides employment opportunities to unemployed people by providing electric rickshaws under this scheme, on the contrary, employment opportunities are also created for many other people. Most of them are electric rickshaw mechanics, etc. This clearly shows that the Punjab government is creating employment opportunities for people who are suffering from poverty day by day due to unemployment by starting various schemes.

Eligibility criteria for availing e-Rickshaw

Aspirants will need to fulfill various eligibility criteria to get the e-rickshaw provided by the Punjab government. The details are as follows:.

  • Identity Proof: Applicants must have a Pakistani identity card to get a rickshaw under the e-rickshaw scheme.
  • Resident of Punjab: As you know, this scheme is being started by the Punjab government, so the applicant must belong to Punjab to benefit from this scheme.
  • Government employees: There are many government employees who want to get a rickshaw because of the high financial expenses. In this regard, let me tell you that government employees whose monthly income is less than Rs 60,000 will be able to benefit from this scheme.
  • Witness: Remember that the rickshaws under this scheme are being provided in easy installments, so those who wish to get the rickshaw will need an individual as a witness.

Initially, the eligibility criteria can be what I have provided you here. Further, as soon as the registration is formally started by the government, complete details will be listed in the eligibility criteria. So remember that these eligibility criteria are subject to change.

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CM Punjab E-Rickshaw Scheme 2024

Procedure to Complete Registration in E-Rickshaw Scheme

Those poor and deserving people who want to know about the procedure to complete registration under the e-rickshaw scheme launched by the government are at the right place. Here, I am going to provide complete guidance for such people. Regarding the registration, let me tell you that the Punjab government has not started the registration process yet. So people who want to benefit from this scheme need to wait now.

According to government officials, soon a portal will be introduced by the Punjab government for the registration of this scheme. Those who wish to get an e-rickshaw will be able to complete their online registration through this portal very easily. As soon as any registration procedure is released by the Punjab Government, you will get complete details on our same website.

Final Words

In the article, complete guidance has been provided for such persons who want to get rickshaws without interest on easy installments by completing the registration under the e-rickshaw scheme of the Punjab government. Complete details about this scheme have been provided to such people in this article. After reading which, such people can get complete information regarding registration along with assessing their eligibility. As soon as there are any new updates from the government in this regard, you will be provided with the complete details here.

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