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Last Day For Registration In Punjab Bikes Scheme

Punjab Bikes Scheme Registration Updates

Today is the last day to complete the registration for the Punjab Bikes scheme launched by the Punjab government. For students who have not yet completed their registration, this is the last chance for them to do so. To remind you, let me tell you that this scheme was launched by the Punjab government recently. The Punjab government had decided to distribute petrol and electric bikes among 20 thousand students under this scheme. For which the registration process was ongoing, and now the registration process is ending.

Because the deadline for completing the registration by the Punjab government was April 29,. Therefore, this article is for those students who have not yet completed their registration and want to complete their registration. Let me tell such students again that today is the last date to complete the registration. Students who wish to complete their registration can do so before 12:00 PM.

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Registration Data So Far

If I tell you about the data so far, a total of 1 lakh and 62,000 male and female students have opened their accounts by going to the portal established by the Punjab government. Out of the students who have opened these accounts, 48,000 students have submitted their applications. If we talk about the students who have submitted these applications, then a total of 38 thousand students have applied for the petrol bike. And if we talk about electric bike applications, so far, about ten thousand students have submitted their applications to get electric bikes.

Punjab Bikes Scheme Last Day For Registration

How to Complete Registration?

For those students who have not been able to complete their registration yet, I am describing the complete procedure for registration here. Such students can complete their registration process by following the provided procedure. Students who wish to complete the registration can go to the official portal established by the government with the help of the given link: After going to the portal, such students have to register their account first. As soon as they register their account, they can then apply for their bikes.

Let me tell you that today is the last day to complete the registration. And apart from this, there is no other procedure to complete the registration. Therefore, those students who complete their registration today will be able to join this scheme.

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Eligibility Criteria

This is the best opportunity for students across the province to obtain their own transportation.

The following conditions apply:

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The applicant must be a regular student at an HEC-recognized college or university.
  • The applicant must hold a valid motorcycle learner’s permit or driver’s license.
  • Applicant must have Pakistani Computerized Identity Card.

In case of a high volume of requests, priority will be given to eligible candidates. (Terms and conditions apply)

Quota for male & female students

A total of 1,000 electric bikes have been allocated under the first phase of the scheme. Out of which, 700 electric bikes will be provided for male students and 300 electric bikes will be provided for female students. Similarly, a total of 19,000 petrol bikes have been allocated within the first phase, of which 11,676 will be for male students and 7,324 for female students.

These bikes will be provided to students studying in universities and graduate colleges in the five cities of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, and Bahawalpur. Students domiciled in provinces or territories other than Punjab can apply for e-bikes only if they are studying at any graduate college or university in the above five cities. However, keeping in view the population distribution as per the 2023 census, the distribution of petrol bikes will be done on a district-wise basis within Punjab.

Final Words

For such students who wanted to complete their registration for the Punjab Bikes Scheme, the purpose of this article was to inform such students about the last date to complete their registration. In this article, such students have been told that today is the last date to complete the registration. Therefore, students who want to complete their registration should complete their registration today.

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