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Good News Roshan Gharana Program Registration 2024

Roshan Gharana Program

Seeing the increasing prices of electricity and the difficulties of poor people, CM of Punjab Maryam Nawaz has started the Roshan Gharana Program. Through this program, more than 50,000 solar systems will be provided in Punjab. Providing solar systems will help in dealing with rising electricity prices. And poor people will be able to move towards a green future.

Roshan Gharana Registration

So far, the registration process for the Roshan Gharana program has not been made public. But it is hoped that the formal registration will start within the next few days. If we talk about which people these solar systems will be provided to, let me tell you that people who use less than 100 units of electricity per month will be able to get this solar system. Applications will be collected from all over Punjab to provide solar systems. Apart from this, if we talk about the budget, the Punjab government has allocated a budget of 12.6 million rupees for this program.

Roshan Gharana Program Update 2024

For those who want to get solar panels, it is very important to know one thing here. There are many people who want to get solar panels, but they don’t know that they are not being provided for free. Remember that you will have to pay 25% of the amount yourself, and the rest, 75%, will be paid by the Punjab government.

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Solar Home Solutions: A Brighter Future

On the instructions of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, this program will install solar systems by going door to door. Which will be able to generate maximum electricity from solar energy and will be able to reduce electricity bills. During the meeting, the Chief Minister of Punjab emphasized that high-quality solar system batteries and inverters should be used so that people can benefit from them for a maximum period of time.

The Impact of the Roshan Gharana

Roshan Gharana was not started by the government only to get solar energy, but with its help, various milestones will be crossed. This program will help the government reduce the financial burden on people belonging to the poor and deserving sections. Further, a clear reduction in the electricity bills of the families who get solar systems through this program will be seen. This is a ray of hope for the people of Punjab, who are burdened by inflation, which will show its color soon.

Quick Overview

Scheme NameRoshan Gharana Scheme
PurposeIt has been decided to start this program to promote renewable energy to get rid of electricity bills.
Payment StructureConsumers contribute only 25 percent of the total cost, the remaining 75 percent is borne by the government and commercial financing itself.
Target AudienceResidents of Punjab using less than 100 units per month.


Can Roshan Gharana apply from any province other than Punjab?

No, this program is only for residents of Punjab and only residents of Punjab can apply for this program.

Who can apply to get solar panels?

Residents of Punjab who consume less than 100 units of electricity per month can apply for this program.

How can we register for the Roshan Gharana Program?

The registration process has not officially started yet, but there are reports that the registration process will start within the next few days.

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