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Good News Last chance to get rashan from Negahban Program

Negahban Program Latest Updates

In order to provide maximum relief to the poor people in the month of Ramadan, the supply of rations bag is going on under the Negahban Program started by the Punjab government. Government teams are providing ration bags to the eligible people after going door to door for verification. But there are many people who have not received their ration yet. In this article, there are complete details on getting rations for such people.

The poor and deserving people can get free rations from the government by following the procedure mentioned. So if you have not received your ration yet, follow the complete procedure mentioned in this article and get your ration. Remember to have an ID card.

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How can ineligible persons get rations?

The last phase of rashan supply under the Negahban program has started. Here I am going to describe the complete procedure for those people who have not yet received their ration bag. Individuals can get ration bags by completing a few easy steps through the mentioned procedure.

There are two types of people who have not yet received ration: those who are registered but have not yet been able to receive it, and others who are not registered but want to receive ration. Here I will provide a complete procedure to both types of people through which they will be able to get their ration bag very easily.

First of all, if we talk about people who are registered in the Benazir Income Support Program or the Ehsaas Program, till now no government team has contacted them or provided them with rations. Such persons can register their complaint by calling the Chief Minister Punjab Complaint Cell helpline 0800-02345 established by PITB for registration and redressal of complaints regarding the Negahban program to get their ration bag. Such persons will be provided their ration within 24 hours of filing the complaint.

Negahban Program Latest Updates

Now let’s talk about such people who are neither part of the Benazir Income Support Program nor the Ehsaas Program but whose financial situation is unstable; they are in dire need of rations. So such persons can go to their nearest BISP tehsil office and complete their registration to get the ration bag. If such persons fulfill the eligibility criteria after completing the registration, then they will be declared eligible. After being declared eligible, the government teams will immediately provide them with ration bags. But remember that these ration bags are being provided only to registered people in Punjab. Cash financial assistance is being provided under the Ramadan package within the provinces of Sindh and KPK.

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Necessary documents for getting ration and new registration

First of all, if we talk about the necessary documents to get the ration, then the eligible people must have the original ID card issued by NADRA. If the identity card is not present, the verification will not be completed, and they will be deprived of the update.

And if we talk about the necessary documents for new registration, then I am providing their complete list below.

  • ID Card
  • Electricity or gas bill
  • Proof of income
  • Information about household members
  • Educational qualification information
  • Children’s Bay Form


The Nighaban Ramadan program launched by the Punjab government is a ray of hope for the deserving. According to reports so far, ration supply has been ensured in 80 percent of the areas. But if you see, there are many people who have not received ration yet, but the government is trying its best to provide ration to such people as soon as possible.

In this regard, I have provided a complete procedure for the guidance of such persons, with the help of which the deprived persons can get their ration bag. More people who wanted to know about the registration have also been told about it. Further, if you need any kind of information regarding this program, you can ask us by commenting.

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