Thu. May 30th, 2024
Registration Of PM laptop Scheme Is Starting From Next Week

PM Laptop Scheme 2024

A big announcement has been made regarding the PM Laptop Scheme 2024. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has directed the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to purchase 1 lakh laptops. According to the details, the Higher Education Commission will purchase 1 lakh laptops on the special instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. According to the latest update, as soon as the purchase process is completed, the registration process will also start. In this regard, let us tell you more: 150 billion rupees will be spent on this project. Further, HEC said that we were waiting for the approval of the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the start of this scheme, due to which the start of the laptop scheme was delayed. But now the approval has been given by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the process of purchasing laptops has also started.

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HEC PM Laptop Scheme 2024

Laptop Scheme 2024 Registration

As I mentioned above, HEC has started the process of purchasing 1 lakh laptops. So let me tell such students and students who want to know about the registration of the laptop scheme. As soon as your purchase process is completed by HEC, HEC will start the registration process. In this regard, you will be seeing a lot of news on social media, but let me tell you that the registration process has not started yet. However, Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has given approval to start the laptop scheme, and the process of purchasing laptops has also started for this.

So those students who are eagerly waiting to complete their registration for the laptop program will have to wait a little longer. As soon as HEC completes the purchase process for the laptop and starts the registration process, you will get to see the complete details on our website.

Which students can apply for PM laptop scheme?

Students who want to know complete information to complete the registration in laptop scheme. Let me tell them that students who did not get a laptop from the laptop scheme started earlier can get a laptop from this scheme. But there are a few things that need to be understood here. It is very important for you to know that such students and students who are studying in any government university will be eligible for this scheme only. Students who are studying in any non-government university and are not approved by HEC will not be able to benefit from this scheme. Let me further tell you that the distribution of laptops in this scheme will be done on the basis of merit.

Further, as soon as the registration process will be started by HEC, a complete guideline will be issued in this regard. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to talk about eligibility criteria further in this regard.

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Important Instructions Regarding PM Laptop Scheme

As you know, the government of Pakistan distributes laptops to poor and deserving students on the basis of merit. In this regard, as soon as this scheme is about to start, various fake links start circulating on many social media platforms to complete the registration. Therefore, students who want to get a laptop are requested not to provide their data by clicking on any such fake link. By doing this, students’ data can be stolen. Remember that the registration process in this regard can be completed only on the special portal established by HEC.


The Prime Minister of Pakistan has issued an order to HEC to purchase laptops to start a laptop scheme. And in this regard, HEC has started the process of purchasing laptops. The registration of the laptop scheme will also be formally started within the next few weeks. And students who want to get a laptop will be able to complete their registration very easily by completing the simple steps. In this article, you are informed about the latest update regarding the laptop scheme. Further, in this regard, as soon as any new update comes out from the side of the government, you will be provided with complete details.

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