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Is Punjab Bike Scheme Canceled Get Complete Information

Punjab Bike Scheme Canceled

Many male and female students have been greatly disturbed by the news of the cancellation of the Punjab Bike Scheme. Efforts to encourage eco-friendly transportation in Punjab hit a snag when the Punjab government decided to cancel the electric bike scheme. How much truth is there in this news and why this is happening? Complete details are being provided to you in this article. Let us tell you that the government of Punjab has decided to give petrol bikes instead of electric bikes. The main reason for this is the low mileage of electric bikes and the fear of their batteries being stolen.

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Why Was the E-bike Scheme Cancelled?

This decision was taken in a meeting chaired by the recent Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif. Of course, the distribution of electric bikes is an eco-friendly scheme, but it is not suitable to start at present. During the meeting, it was considered that the distribution of electric bikes was indeed a very good initiative, but it is not appropriate to start it now because the main reason for this is the low availability of electric bikes and the fear of battery theft.

Punjab Bike Scheme Canceled

In this regard, many male and female students expressed disappointment and were waiting to see clean transportation. In this regard, it was further said that this scheme will be started again in the next few years.

Concerns Raised Regarding Electric Bike Scheme

Many people expressed great concern regarding the termination of the electric bike scheme. In this regard, Dr. Ayesha Amir said that there is a need to review this decision. He said that indeed it was necessary to replace electric bikes with petrol bikes, but petrol bikes are a major cause of diseases like cancer and breathing problems.

And many environmentalists also expressed concern over this initiative and said that it was very important to invest in public transport to encourage transportation. It is especially needed in big cities like Lahore. These days, people are suffering from diseases due to the emissions of petrol and diesel bikes.

Challenges with Electric Vehicles

While responding to all the criticisms, the marketing manager of the electric bike company said that your criticism is absolutely correct. Currently, the plan to supply electric bikes in Punjab is premature. He explained the main reason for this and said that one is the lack of charging stations in Punjab and the other is the short life of batteries on electric bikes. He further said that after developing Punjab within the next few years, the Punjab government is thinking of restarting the Punjab scheme.

Will petrol bikes be distributed instead of electric bikes?

Yes, it is absolutely correct because, considering the current situation, it is not appropriate to distribute electric bikes at present. For this reason, it would be better to distribute petrol bikes instead of electric bikes under the scheme launched by the Punjab government. This is why students who have submitted applications for getting electric bikes will now also be able to get petrol bikes only.

Punjab Bike Scheme 2024 Draw Date and Distribution

Bikes are to be distributed among 20,000 students under the bike scheme launched by the Punjab government. In this regard, about 72,000 students have submitted their applications to the Punjab government. Because bikes are to be provided to only 20,000 students by the Punjab government, a lottery will be held by PITB soon in the month of May. In this way, 20 thousand lucky students will be able to get bikes.

In this regard, no clear date has been announced by PITB yet. As soon as there is any update in this regard, you will be provided with complete details.

Final Words

It will not be wrong to say that the plan to end the electric bike scheme has caused disappointment among many students, but this decision has been taken by the Punjab government considering the practical challenges. So don’t worry, those students who wanted to get electric bikes; the government will soon start this scheme again in the next few years. And such students who had submitted applications to get electric bikes will now be able to get petrol bikes only. Complete details regarding this are provided to you within this article. I hope the information provided will be useful for you.

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