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Good News BISP Dynamic Survey Start For New Registration

BISP Dynamic Survey

The BISP Dynamic Survey was launched by BISP in 2011. Since then, it has been moving towards its destination in the same way. The main purpose of the dynamic survey is to gather information about the economic and social status of households across the country. The information collected is later used by various government programs to decide people’s eligibility. And similarly, you have to complete it before completing the registration within BISP as well. Because after completing the registration by BISP, eligibility is assessed on the basis of the information collected in the survey. So to be a part of the BISP program, you need to complete your survey first.

In this article, the complete procedure for completing the survey is being explained to you. People who have not yet completed their survey can complete it very easily with the help of the mentioned procedure. You will also be happy to know that you do not have to pay any kind of fee to complete this survey. However, you must have some necessary documents to complete the survey.

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Who can complete the survey?

The government of Pakistan has not set any age requirements for completing the survey. Anyone over the age of 18 can complete the survey. The government has not decided that only poor people can get the survey done. Rather, the doors of survey registration are open to rich people as well. People belonging to any region of Pakistan can complete it by visiting their nearest BISP office. The complete procedure is given below.

Documents required to complete the survey

The following are the details of the necessary documents that the candidates who want to complete their BISP Dynamics Survey will need:

  • Identity Card: Men or women completing the survey must have a national identity card.
  • Electricity or Gas Bill: People who want to complete their survey registration process should carry their household electricity or gas bill while going to complete their survey.
  • Proof of Income: Men and women wishing to complete the survey must have proof of income.
  • Mobile Number: Individuals who wish to complete their survey registration process must have a mobile number registered in their name.
  • For Persons with Disabilities: Persons suffering from any type of disability must have a disability certificate at the time of completing the survey.
  • Widows: Women whose husbands have passed away must have their husband’s death certificate.
Procedure for Completing BISP Dynamic Survey

Procedure for Completing BISP Dynamic Survey

For men and women who want to complete their survey to join the BISP program, the complete procedure is being explained here. After knowing the procedure mentioned, such people can complete their survey. Before I tell you about the procedure to complete the survey, let me tell you that you do not need to pay any kind of fee to complete this survey. If any person asks you for any kind of compensation for completing the survey, then you can go to the BISP office and file a complaint.

And now, if we talk about completing the survey, more than 700 BISP tehsil offices have been established across the country by the government of Pakistan. Those who wish to complete the survey can go to any of the nearest offices and complete their survey by providing all the necessary information. The complete details of the documents required to complete the survey have been mentioned above. For the help of more such people, I am also providing a picture above that contains the procedure to complete the survey step by step.

Dynamic Survey New Updates

All such persons who have been surveyed in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, and January 2023 or have not been surveyed till date. All these people will undergo a BISP dynamic survey again, whether they are receiving assistance or not. Those who have been surveyed after February 2023 will not be surveyed again. All Benazir Income Support Program offices are open from Monday to Saturday to complete the survey registration process.

  • Working hours are 08:30 AM to 4 PM.

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