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8171 Program New Registration Start For Two Type Of People

8171 Program New Registration

Good news for those who have not yet joined the 8171 program. Registration has been formally started by the government to make two types of people a part of the program. These two types of persons include persons who have been declared ineligible for completing their registration earlier and persons who are government employees. In this article, you will be provided with complete information regarding the start of new registration. Further, you will be told who can be a part of this program again and what the new registration procedure is. Along with this, you will also be informed about the eligibility criteria in full detail so that the people completing the registration do not face any kind of problem.

If you want to be a part of the 8171 program after knowing the complete information, then you need to read all the information given in this article completely. Such persons will be able to complete their registration only after knowing the complete information. So you need to read the article to get complete information.

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New Registration Eligibility Criteria

As soon as the new registration has been launched by the government, the eligibility criteria have also been changed. It is very important for those who want to complete their registration to know these eligibility criteria. People who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to join this program.

  • People belonging to poor and deserving families.
  • Individuals whose poverty score is 32 or less than 32.
  • Government employees whose monthly income is less than 60,000 rupees.
  • People who do not have a home to live in.
  • People who are suffering from poverty day by day due to unstable financial conditions.
  • Women who have become widows due to the deaths of their husbands.
8171 Program New Registration

Procedure for Registration for Disqualified Persons

Such people have completed their registration for the 8171 program before today but they were declared ineligible, now the government has reopened the doors for them. Such persons can now become a part of the program again by completing a new registration. Remember that those completing the registration must meet the eligibility criteria. If such persons now fulfill the eligibility criteria then they can complete their registration from any nearest BISP office very easily. Remember, such persons have to complete the NSER survey before completing the registration. After that, the information provided by such persons will be fully reviewed. And if these people meet the eligibility criteria and their financial conditions are unstable, then they will be made part of the program.

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Procedure for Registration for Government Servants

While registration has been started by the government to provide maximum relief to the common people, now the door of registration has been opened by the government for government employees as well. Government employees whose monthly income is less than Rs 60,000 can now also complete their registration. Remember that it is very important to meet the eligibility criteria before completing the registration of such employees. If the poverty score of such persons is more than 32, then they will be disqualified from the program.

Along with this, employees who are working on a contract basis in any government organization can also complete their registration. If we talk about the registration procedure, the registration procedure has not been changed. Such persons can complete their registration like others from any nearest Benazir Income Support office. It is mandatory to have all the necessary documents to complete the registration. Apart from all the necessary documents, government employees have to additionally submit their salary slip.

Final Words

New registration for the 8171 program has been started with the new government. From the beginning of the new registration, two more types of people will be able to be a part of the program along with the common people. Including those declared ineligible and government employees. In this article, the complete procedure for completing the registration for such persons has been summarized. Such persons can complete their registration process very easily after knowing the complete details through the procedure provided in the article. More such people, if they want to get any kind of information to complete the registration, can get the information by commenting in the comment section.

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