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Roshan Gharana Program 8800 Eligibility Check New Update

Punjab Roshan Gharana Program

Recently, the Punjab government has decided to start the Roshan Gharana program to provide solar systems to 50,000 households. Under which 50,000 lucky families belonging to Punjab will be able to get solar systems within the first phase. In this regard, many families want to know about their eligibility to get a solar system. In this article, such families will get an explanation of the complete procedure to check their eligibility at home. Such families will be told how they can check their eligibility at home through an SMS. Eligibility criteria and other necessary information will also be seen in this article. If you want to get all this information, then you need to read this article completely.

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Families eligible for Roshan Gharana Scheme

Some eligibility criteria have been set by the Punjab government to avail of the of the Roshan Gharana Scheme. Ensuring that only those families who meet the eligibility criteria set by the Punjab government will be able to benefit from this scheme. The eligibility criteria laid down are as follows:

  • Families who have a Pakistani identity card.
  • Families who are residents of Punjab.
  • Families where none of the members are government employees.
  • Families whose monthly income is less than 60 thousand rupees.
  • Families who have never taken a loan from any bank.

Along with fulfilling all these eligibility criteria, the aspirant family needs to fulfill one more. By the way, this scheme was started for families using up to 300 units of electricity. But since this scheme is being started in a phased manner, only those families who consume up to 100 units of electricity per month will be able to benefit in the first phase. And they have the electricity bill from the last six months to prove this.

Documents Needed for Solar Scheme 

While completing the Roshan Gharana registration, the concerned family will need to provide the following necessary documents:

  • Scan a copy of your CNIC.
  • Property power documents / authorization letters from the property owner
  • Recent Six Month electric bills
  • Proof of Monthly Income

Roshan Gharana Program 8800 Eligibility Check

Families who want to check their eligibility for the Roshan Gharana program need not worry anymore. Here, I am going to explain the complete procedure for checking the eligibility of such families. By following the procedure mentioned here, such families can check their eligibility very easily, even while sitting at home.

Roshan Gharana Program 8800 Eligibility Check

Before you know the procedure, let me tell you that this process is still in the pilot phase. So you may not be notified about your eligibility immediately after doing it. If this happens, then you don’t need to worry, as I mentioned that this process is in the pilot phase now, so you can follow it again after 4 to 5 days to check your eligibility.

Now let’s talk about checking eligibility. The procedure is very easy. In this regard, a special short code has been introduced for the Roshan Gharana scheme by the Punjab government. Families who wishing to check their eligibility can check their eligibility by SMSing their ID card number to 8800.

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How to Register for the Roshan Gharana Program

Families that meet the eligibility criteria outlined in this article. And when they checked their eligibility, they had been declared eligible for this program. So they can complete their registration by following the procedure given below.

  • First, visit your nearest Bank of Punjab branch.
  • After reaching the branch, request the Roshan Gharana Scheme registration form from the agent there.
  • After getting the registration form, fill out all the required information in it correctly.
  • After filling out the information, attach the physical copies of the required documents along with the form.
  • After adding copies of the required documents, return the form and copies to the agent.
  • After that, your registration is complete.


50,000 families belonging to Punjab will be able to benefit from the first phase of Roshan Gharana programs launched by the Punjab government. This article provides information on the eligibility criteria for such families and how to check eligibility. This is the first-of-its kind program of the Punjab government, which will provide a free solar system to poor and deserving families. How do you see this program? Express your thoughts in the comment section.

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