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How to complete registration for Punjab Bike Scheme

Punjab Bike Scheme 2024

The Chief Minister of Punjab has launched the Punjab Bike Scheme to provide travel facilities for male and female students in Punjab. Under this scheme, male and female students residing in Punjab will be able to get a motorcycle on easy installments after completing the registration. 20000 motorbikes will be distributed among students through the scheme launched by Chief Minister Punjab. These include 1,000 electric bikes and 19,000 petrol bikes. The happiest thing here is that this scheme is completely free of interest; students will be able to get the motorcycle in easy installments.

If you want to know about the registration procedure for this scheme, you are being provided with complete details in this article. You will be told which students can benefit from the scheme, apart from the eligibility criteria, and other necessary information will also be provided. Keep reading the full article to get complete information.

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How to Apply for CM Punjab E-Bike Scheme 2024?

For students who want to get a motorcycle after completing the registration through the scheme, there are complete details in this article on how they can complete their registration. Talking about registration, let me tell you that no such procedure has been announced yet for the registration process. But it has definitely been revealed that the application process will start soon. In this regard, Govt. Punjab has established a partnership with the Bank of Punjab.

According to the media source, the registration process will start within the next few days. After which, interested students will be able to get the form from any branch of the Bank of Punjab to complete their registration. Further, in this regard, as soon as any new details are revealed, you will get to see the complete details on the same website.

Punjab Bike Scheme 2024

Eligibility Criteria for CM Punjab Bike Scheme 2024

According to the latest update so far, students who are studying at any college or university in Punjab will be able to benefit from the scheme. In other words, students whose financial conditions are unstable and who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to complete their registration through this scheme.

The Punjab government has set the number of motorcycles at 20,000, making it impossible for a motorcycle to be provided to every student who completes registration. In this regard, a lucky draw will be conducted between students who complete their registration and meet the eligibility criteria. In the lucky draw, lucky students will be able to get a motorcycle.

Maybe that! The Punjab government should increase the number of motorcycles further within the coming days. But since no official statement has been issued yet, it will be premature to talk about it. As soon as a new statement comes out from the government, you will be provided with complete details.

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Installment plan for e-bike scheme 2024

The e-bike scheme for 2024 introduces an accessible installment arrangement, detailed below:

Initial Payment: A one-time payment of Rs25,000, as reported by the media.

Monthly Installment: 

E-Bikes: Monthly installments set at Rs10,000.
Petrol Bikes: A lower monthly rate of Rs5,000.

Benefits of CM Punjab bike scheme 2024

Through the scheme launched by the Chief Minister of Punjab, there will be a clear reduction in the travel expenses of male and female students. Further, the scheme will help improve the travel facilities for the students. Although the number of motorcycles could have been more than 20,000, this is still a great step. It is hoped that the number of motorcycles will increase in the coming days and that more and more students can benefit from it.

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