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Good News Register a Complaint in BISP Program

BISP Program Complaint Registration

BISP Complaint Registration: The BISP program has released quarterly installments for poor and deserving families from January to March. Eligible women and children are receiving these funds. But where there is good, evil is born. Where people are receiving their money, many people are complaining about the deduction of money. And in some places, there are many beneficiaries who are having difficulties getting their money.

If you are also facing any similar problems, then you don’t need to worry. In this article, I will also provide you with complete information about the procedure to register a complaint in the BISP program immediately. Through which you will be able to register your complaint while sitting at home very easily. After filing a complaint, immediate action will be taken on your issues, and your concerns will be addressed immediately. If you want to know completely, then you need to read the entire article.

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Instruction Regarding Complaint Registration in BISP

If you are also facing a deduction in the amount of assistance received by the Benazir Income Support Program or other problems, then you can register your complaint. Before registering a complaint, it is very important for you to know a few important things. Which is provided below with complete details.

ID Card and Mobile Number: Remember, whenever you face any kind of problem, you need a registered mobile number and ID card to register your complaint. So you must have these two things with you while filing the complaint.

Receipt of money: Remember, if you want to file a complaint about the deduction of money, you must have the receipt of the money you received when filing the complaint.

BISP Program Complaint Registration

How to Register a Complaint Through BISP Office

If you are a part of BISP or want to be a part, but you are facing any kind of problem, then you can register your complaint very easily. Here, I am going to provide you with complete details about the procedure to lodge a complaint at the BISP office. By following this, you can register your complaint very easily. Remember, you don’t need to pay any fee to file a complaint; it is completely free, and you can go to any nearest BISP office and file your complaint. Follow the procedure below to file a complaint.

  • First, visit your nearest BISP office to register your complaint.
  • After going to the office, inform the concerned representative about all your problems.
  • After listening to the complete issue, the representative will provide you with a form.
  • You have to enter your complaint in this form.
  • If you don’t know how to read and write, then you don’t need to worry; you can fill out the application form from the representative there.
  • After filling out the form, you have to submit it back to the representative.
  • In this way, you can register your complaint.

How to Register a Complaint Through Helpline Number

There are many BSP beneficiaries who live in remote areas and cannot travel to the BISP office to register their complaints. A toll-free helpline number has been issued by BISP to facilitate such people. Persons who cannot register their complaint by going to the office can register their complaint by calling this helpline number.

Such persons whose assistance amount is being deducted, or besides, such persons who have to obtain the necessary information to complete the registration. They can register their complaint using this toll-free number as well as get the necessary information.

Toll-Free Helpline Number 

  • 0800-26477

Further, control rooms have also been set up by BISP to register complaints. Now, people who want to use WhatsApp to register their complaints can also register their complaints through WhatsApp. Click on the given button to get complete information and numbers to lodge a complaint through WhatsApp.

Verification Process of Complaint

As soon as you register your complaint, the work starts on it for immediate redressal of your complaint. BISP staff first thoroughly investigates your application. After which, an attempt is made to reach the bottom of the matter according to the complaint filed by you. And if your submitted complaint is found to be correct, then immediate action is taken on your complaint, and your concerns are removed within a few days.

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