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Punjab Roshan Gharana Program Registration Procedure 2024

Punjab Roshan Gharana Program

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the first woman Chief Minister of Punjab, has launched the Roshan Gharana program to provide 50,000 solar systems to poor and deserving households to get rid of expensive electricity. Households wishing to get a solar system can complete their registration by completing a few simple steps. But the aspiring households need to meet the eligibility criteria to complete the registration. In this regard, this article contains a complete guide on eligibility criteria, documents required for registration, and completing the registration. After reading, the registration process can be easily completed. You need to read this article completely to get complete information.

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A detailed overview of the Roshan Gharana Scheme

Let’s take a detailed look at the Roshan Gharana Scheme before knowing the eligibility criteria and registration procedure. Actually, this scheme has been started by the Punjab government and has been divided into different phases. At present, the first phase has been started, for which a budget of 12.6 billion rupees has been allocated. Within which 50,000 protected consumers belonging to Punjab who consume up to 100 units of electricity per month will be able to get solar systems. The solar system provided in the first phase will include two high-quality solar panels, an inverter, a battery, and wires.

Essential Records

  • Copies of the Identity Card
  • Passport-size photos
  • Proof of monthly income
  • Proof of household ownership
  • Permission was obtained from the house owner for the installation of a solar panel in a rented house.

Eligibility Criteria

Before completing registration, it is extremely important for interested families to understand the eligibility criteria. According to the eligibility criteria set by the Punjab government, only families belonging to Punjab can benefit from this program. Apart from this, only those families that consume up to 100 units of electricity per month will be eligible to benefit from the first phase. As for further eligibility criteria, aspirant families must have an electricity bill from the last six months to prove this. And the most important and necessary thing is that the applicant should not be a government employee to get a solar system.

Punjab Roshan Gharana Program 2024 Registration

How can I apply for the Roshan Gharana Program?

Before providing complete information regarding the registration procedure, let me make one thing clear to you: the Punjab government has not started any online registration for Roshan Gharana. Rather, the aspirants will go to their nearest branch of the Bank of Punjab to complete their registration. After going to the branch, you will get the registration form from the representative present there. After getting the registration form, fill it out completely, attach all necessary documents, and submit it back to the representative. And by doing so, their registration process will be completed.

After which, they have to wait for the registration process to finish. Once the registration process is over, the government will start the process of examining the applications. After which, if the government receives more than 50 thousand applications, So 50,000 eligible people will be selected by lottery from among them. And a solar system will be provided to them.

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The plan to start the Roshan Gharana program to relieve the poor and deserving people from heavy electricity bills is a commendable initiative by the Punjab government. This will not only reduce the heavy electricity bills for poor and deserving families but will also reduce dependence on traditional methods of electricity. By following the procedure mentioned in this article, poor and deserving families can get one KV solar system by completing their registration process. Details, from eligibility to the complete registration procedure, are provided in this article for complete guidance.

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