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Check What To Do If Payment SMS Not Received From 8171

8171 Ehsaas Program 

If you have recently completed your registration in the 8171 Ehsaas Program and you have been declared eligible, And now you want to receive your money, but till now you have not received any kind of payment SMS from Ehsaas Program. So what should you do in this case? I will tell you here in complete detail. If you want to know the complete procedure, then this article is for you. Keep reading it completely.

Before proceeding further, you have to first check your eligibility by visiting the 8171 web portal. Many times, people are disqualified even though they are qualified. After making sure that you are eligible, go to any nearest Ehsaas program details office to receive your money. After going to the office, collect your money by providing your ID card to the representative present there. Remember, only if you are eligible will you be provided money by this program. So check your eligibility before going to get the money.

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Payment Message Not Received

For people who are eligible under the Ehsaas program but have not yet received any payment SMS, there may be various reasons in this case. The first and foremost reason is that the beneficiaries have a Telenor SIM. Let me tell you that those people who provided their Telenor number while completing the registration will not receive the payment SMS. Because the Ehsaas program and the BISP program have informed us that Telenor users will not be able to receive SMS for payment, So in this case, you don’t need to worry; you can check your money online.

Payment SMS Not Received From 8171

The second major reason may be a network problem, so you don’t need to worry. If you are eligible and you know that the payments have been released, then you can receive your money according to the procedure given by the Ehsaas program. If you are facing any kind of problem in receiving the money, then, in your case, go to your nearest Ehsaas office and register your complaint. By registering a complaint, your problems will be solved immediately.

Eligibility Criteria

If you have been disqualified or want to complete your registration for the first time, you should first know what the eligibility criteria are. Because the government of Pakistan has set some eligibility criteria to join this program, Only members of poor and deserving families who fulfill these eligibility criteria can join this program.

To join this program, poor and deserving families must have a poverty score below 32. Apart from this, no person in their family should have a government job, nor should their monthly income be more than sixty thousand rupees. The registrant must also belong to Pakistan and be a permanent resident of Pakistan. Along with this, people who are suffering from any disability or women who have become widows will be the first priority in this program.

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8171 Registration Procedure

For those who want to know about the procedure to complete their registration, here is the complete procedure for them. The registration can be completed very easily by following the procedure mentioned here. To complete the registration, those who meet the eligibility criteria should visit their nearest Ehsaas Program Tehsil Office along with all their necessary documents. After going to the office, complete your NSPR survey with the representative there and complete your registration. After completing the registration, keep checking your eligibility to get the money. Receive your money after payment is released, if eligible.


Complete details have been provided in this article for those people who were in trouble due to not receiving the payment release SMS. After knowing this, they can receive their money very easily. Along with this, there is a proper guide in this article for those who want to complete their registration. I hope all the information provided in this article will be useful for you.

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