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How to Apply for the PM Relief Package 5566 Complete Guide

PM Relief Package 5566

PM Relief Package 5566 has been introduced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. This is a new program that provides special relief to the poor and deserving on the purchase of food items. In this article, such poor and deserving people who want to get a special discount on the purchase of food items by joining this relief package will be provided with complete details. Such persons will be informed about the complete procedure and how they can complete their registration and avail special relief on the purchase of Rashan.

The special thing about this relief package is that people whose PMT score is more than 32 are also eligible. Therefore, those who are unable to purchase rations due to unstable financial conditions can easily join this program and get special discounts on the purchase of daily food items. If you do not know about the complete procedure to join this program, then this article is for you.

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PM Relief Package Application Process 

There is good news for the poor and deserving people who are worried about inflation because, on the special instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the registration of the PM relief package has been formally started. For those who want to know about the complete procedure of registration, let me tell them that the procedure of registration is very easy. Aspirants can become a part of this program by completing their NSER survey at any nearby Benazir Income Support Program office.

But such persons must ensure that their PMT score is 40 or below after completing the survey. Because the PMT score must be up to 40 to benefit from this program, People whose PMT score will be more than 40 after completing the survey will not be able to benefit from this program. So those people who want to benefit from this program should complete their survey as soon as possible and benefit from this program.

PM Relief Package 5566 Registration Complete Guide

How to Check PMT Score After Completing Registration

Surely those people who want to complete the registration will have this question in their minds: how can we check our PMT score after completing the registration? So such people need not worry; here I am also telling such people about the complete procedure to check their PMT score. Actually, there are different methods to check PMT scores. In the first method, such persons can get information about their PMT score by sending their ID card number to 5566. After sending an SMS to 5566, such persons will immediately receive a reply SMS in which complete information regarding their PMT score will be provided to them.

While the PMT score can be checked online using the other method, Within this method, such persons can check their PMT score by entering their identity card number on the official website of the utility store. Apart from these two methods, such persons can also visit the BISP Tehsil office to get complete information about their PMT score.

Registration Procedure for Kafalat Program Beneficiaries

Here is good news for the beneficiaries of the Kafalat program. Because such persons who are regular beneficiaries of the Kafalat program do not need to complete the registration, they have already been declared eligible by the government of Pakistan. Therefore, individuals who are registered under the Kafalat program and whose PM score is less than 32 are already eligible under this program. They do not need to complete separate registration for the PM relief package 5566. To confirm this, such persons can check the complete details by entering their ID card number on the 8171 web portal.

Final Words

The main purpose of the PM relief package, which was launched on the special instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, is to provide special discounts on the purchase of six basic items of food and drink. This article provides complete guidance to those who want to join this program. In this article, such aspirants have been informed with complete details about how they can benefit from this program by completing different steps. Further within this article, complete guidance is also provided to verify eligibility. If you want to get any kind of information in this regard, you can get information from us in the comment section.

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