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Know How To Get BISP Payment Without Biometric Verification

BISP Payment Without Biometric

As soon as BISP payments begin, many women file complaints of non-payment due to the non-verification of fingerprints. But now a new facility has been introduced by BISP, considering the complaints of such women. Now such women who could not receive their money due to lack of verification of fingerprints will be able to receive their money without verification of fingerprints.

In this article, such women are being told about the complete procedure to get money without verifying their fingerprints. If such women who are suffering from this problem can get their money without fingerprint verification by following the information given in this article, Remember that you don’t have to pay any kind of fee to do this, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Important instructions

For those women who are unable to get their money due to a lack of fingerprint verification, it is very important to know some important guidelines. Let me tell such women that if a woman is not able to get money due to a lack of fingerprint verification, she should first go to other payment centers and try to get money by getting her fingerprints verified. do Remember, about eight attempts can be made to verify fingerprints on a machine. If the fingerprint verification fails even after visiting the other payment center and the money is not received, then follow the procedure below to get your money.

Get BISP Payment Without Biometric Verification

Procedure to receive BISP Payment without fingerprint verification

  • First, visit your nearest NADRA office and try to complete the fingerprint verification.
  • If the verification is not completed even from the NADRA office, take any ID card holders from your family with you and visit the nearest BISP office.
  • After going to the office, file a complaint about not getting the money due to the non-verification of fingerprints with the concerned representative present there.
  • After which, the representative will submit the application form to issue the payment without verifying the fingerprints.
  • After which, the BISP office will conduct a complete check on your application. After the verification is completed, you will be informed about the approval of the application through a message from 8171 or a call from the BISP office.

Instructions for Islamabad Punjab Sindh and Balochistan individuals

Beneficiaries belonging to Islamabad Province, Punjab, Sindh, or Balochistan should submit their application by following the above-mentioned procedure. After submitting the application, as soon as you receive a call from the BISP office or an SMS from 8171 about the approval of the application, visit the specified branch of Habib Bank along with your family member with the same ID card. After going there, you will be provided with a stipend after completing the verification process.

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Instructions for KPK, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Beneficiaries belonging to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan, or Azad Jammu and Kashmir are instructed to visit the BISP office again when they receive an SMS from 8171 or a call from the BISP office. The Bank Alfalah representative will enter your ID card number into the bank’s system in the presence of the BISP Assistant Director. After which, verification from NADRA will be completed, and a code will be sent to your registered mobile number. The second part of the same code will be sent to the mobile number of the assistant director of BISP. After which, the bank representative will enter both codes into the bank’s system. After which, the verification process with the bank will be completed, and the money will be released to you.

Final Words

The purpose of this article was to provide complete guidance to such women who were not able to get their BISP payment due to a lack of fingerprint verification. But now, by following the information provided in this article, such women will be able to get their money without fingerprint verification. For which they have to follow some easy steps mentioned in this article. Also, if any woman is facing any other problem in getting money or wants to get more information regarding this, she can comment in the comment section.

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