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Financial Assistance For Needy disable Persons Apply Now

Financial Assistance For Needy/disable Persons

Punjab Baitul Mal has announced financial assistance for needy disable persons. If you are also disabled and want to get financial assistance, then there are complete details for you in this article. You will be provided with complete details on how you can apply for this financial assistance. You will also be informed about the eligibility criteria and the complete procedure for applying for financial aid.

Remember that there is a temporary grant whose purpose is to support the needy disabled so that facilities can be created for them. The maximum limit of this financial assistance is 10,000 per person. If you want to get it, then read this article completely to know the complete details of how you can apply for it and get it.

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria have been set by Punjab Baitul-Mal to get this financial assistance. Deserving disabled people who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to get this financial assistance. The eligibility criteria laid down are as follows:

  • People living below the poverty line
  • Individuals who are not receiving financial assistance from any other government program
  • People who do not have any source of income
  • Such people are not doing any kind of government job.
  • Individuals with a poverty score of 30 or less
  • People who have never traveled abroad
  • Persons with a disability certificate and identity card
  • Note that special priority will be given to persons with disabilities within this program.
Financial Assistance For disable Persons

Instructions for applicants

  •  If you are submitting the application in person, get the receipt or diary number from the district committee office.
  • In case of approval, visit the District Committee office on the scheduled date to collect the check.
  • Unnecessary attendance at the office of the committee should be avoided during the routine due process on the application.

Attach the following documents with the application

  • Death certificate of husband in case of widow
  • Disability certificate in case of disability
  • Attested photocopies of the identity card

Procedure for applying for financial aid

People who are suffering from any disability and want to get financial assistance from Punjab Baitul Mal but do not know much about the application process. Such people do not need to worry; I will explain the complete procedure to you here. With the help of the mentioned procedure, you will be able to submit your application very easily by completing a few simple steps.

The offices of Punjab Baitul-Mal have been established within the city. The eligible persons can submit their applications to the Chairman of the of the District Baitul-Mal Committee. To apply, you have to fill out and submit the application form. If you want to download the application form, then the link is provided below for you. Click on the link below, download your application form, and after filling it out, submit it.

Remember that the District Baitul-Mal Committee will consider the eligibility of disabled persons after a complete review of their financial conditions. If he is eligible, he will be able to get his financial aid very easily.

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Procedure for receiving financial aid

If you are declared eligible for financial assistance, you will be informed by a call from the concerned office. On receiving the call, visit your nearest office. Remember to carry your original National Identity Card with you while going to the office. Financial aid will not be issued to you in the absence of an identity card. After going to the office, the concerned officer will get the complete details from you, and after getting the complete details and verifying the same, he will issue the check to you. After the check is issued, you can go to the concerned bank and get your check cashed. With this method, you can get your financial aid very easily.

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