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Check Your Eligibility In Neghaban Ramzan Program Through App

Neghaban Ramzan Program

If you belong to Punjab, then you will be happy to know that the Neghaban Ramzan Program has been started by Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, at a cost of 30 billion rupees for 66 lakh families. Under which specially formed teams will distribute rations to poor and deserving families by going door to door. If you also want to join this program, you will be able to get 10 kg of flour, 2 kg of sugar, 2 kg of rice, 2 kg of ghee, and other essential items.

In this article, I will explain to you the complete procedure of registration within this program and checking eligibility through the mobile app within this program. If you want to check your eligibility while sitting at home, then you have to understand this procedure. Read the article completely to understand the complete procedure.

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Neghaban Program Mobile App

If you are looking for a mobile app to check your eligibility for the Neghaban program, here is some information for you. Let us tell you that no mobile app has been introduced for the beneficiaries to check their eligibility for this program. So you need to understand that a special app has been made to check the eligibility for this program, which is specially used by the bringing teams to distribute the ration. Access to this mobile application is not available to beneficiaries.

So if you want to check your eligibility, the complete procedure is provided below. If you check your eligibility and are found eligible, you will be able to get your ration according to the procedure mentioned below.

Neghaban Program Mobile App

Portal to Check Eligibility in Neghaban Program

If you want to know about a portal to check your eligibility for the Neghaban Ramzan Program, then here you will be provided with the complete procedure. By following the provided procedure, you will be able to check your eligibility very easily. You will need the ID card number to check your eligibility.

Now you need to understand one thing here: no kind of registration was started for joining the Neghaban. This clearly means that people who are already eligible under the Ehsaas Program or the Benazir Income Support Program can get rations from this program. So you have to use the 8171 portal to check your eligibility. Also, if you want to check your eligibility for the Ramzan relief package, you can also use the portal on our home page.

If you check your eligibility using the 8171 portal and are declared eligible, then you will be able to get this ration very easily. The teams sent by the Punjab government will provide you with rations after scanning your identity card. Another thing you need to understand here is that if you have checked your eligibility with the help of the 8171 portal and you are declared ineligible there, then you need not worry. It may be that you are eligible for this program according to the data that is available with the team at Neghaban Program, so it is better to wait for the team’s response than to be disappointed.

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Negahban Program Eligibility Criteria

For those who want to know the details about the eligibility criteria to benefit from the Neghaban Ramzan Program, here I am providing complete details for such people. Let me tell you that to benefit from this program, your monthly income should be less than 60 thousand rupees. Along with this, if you want to benefit from this program, you should not have a job in any government sector. If your poverty score is 32 or below, you are eligible for this program.

Individuals who are already part of the Ehsaas Program or the Benazir Income Support Program are also eligible for this program. Remember, this program is specially designed to help poor and deserving families, so if you are poor and deserving, take advantage of this program only. So that relief can be provided to as many poor people as possible in this blessed month of Ramadan.


The purpose of this article was to explain the procedure for checking eligibility for the Neghaban Ramzan Program to you. So that you can get rations by checking your importance. Along with this, some essential details regarding registration and eligibility criteria have also been provided in this article. I hope all the information provided in this article is beneficial for you. Further, if you want to get any kind of information related to this, then you can ask us your question in the comment section.

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