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BISP Payments Will Be Received Through The Campsites Only

BISP Payments Through Campsites Only

As you all know, BISP payments have been released by the government of Pakistan. In this regard, you will know that this time payments were being provided through specific camp sites on behalf of the Benazir Income Support Program. But now the news is being seen on many social media platforms that BISP is going to stop payments through campsites. How much truth is there in this matter? You will get to see the complete details in this article. You will be told with complete details whether it is really true or not. You will also be told that if this is true, how can the beneficiaries of BISP receive their money? You will get to see the complete details in this article.

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Moving forward, let’s first talk about whether BISP is really going to stop payments through campsites. So, let me tell you that no, this is not happening at all. In this regard, it has been made clear by the high officials of the Benazir Income Support Program that payments from BISP will be received only through specific camp sites. So if anyone tells you that payments by BISP have been stopped through campsites, it is a complete lie. So if you are also among the active beneficiaries of BISP and your money has been released in the first phase, then go to your nearest BISP camp sites and collect your money as soon as possible.

BISP Payments Through Campsites Only

BISP Chairman’s Message Regarding BISP Payments

The message of the chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Program regarding the BISP payments released on May 17 has also been revealed. In the message of the chairperson issued recently by BISP, he said that a series of payments have been started on behalf of the Benazir Income Support Program. He said that eligible people in the Benazir Kafalat program and the Benazir Taleemi Wazaif program can receive their money through any camp site established by BISP near them. 

He further said that at this time, payments are being provided by BISP in two phases. So, he advised the beneficiaries and said that only those beneficiaries should go to the campsites whose money has been released in the first phase to get the money. So that the beneficiaries who come to get the money can easily receive their money.

Necessary Documents

Identity Card (CNIC): National Identity Card issued by NADRA.

Phone numbers: Active and valid mobile number.

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Procedure for receiving payments through campsites

Now let’s talk about how money can be obtained by going to the campsites. Let me tell you that it is very easy to do so. Before going to get the money, you first have to make sure that you are included in the first phase and that the money has been released to you. After ensuring this, you have to take the necessary documents mentioned above with you and visit any of the nearby BISP camp sites established in your territory.

As soon as you reach the camp site gate, your eligibility will be checked. And if you are eligible, you will be issued a token. After issuing the token, you will be sent to the waiting room, where you will have to wait for your token number. As soon as your token number comes, the relevant agent will call you. The agent will complete your thumb verification process after calling you. And the total amount written on your token number will be released to you. In this way, you will be able to get your money very easily by completing a few simple steps.

Final Words

The purpose of this article was to let you know whether the BISP payment process is going to be stopped through the campsite or not. And while answering the same question, complete details have been provided to you in this article. You have been told that this is not the case at all, nor does BISP have any intention to do so. So, after knowing this, the beneficiaries who have been released the money from the Kafalat program or the Taleemi Wazaif program can go to any of their nearby camp sites and receive their money.

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