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BISP New Survey Update For 10500 Payment

BISP New Survey

The BISP New Survey Update has been released by the Government of Pakistan. In the newly released update, it has been stated that two types of women will be declared ineligible by BISP within the next few days. After bringing this news to the fore, a wave of anxiety has spread among many women. Within this article, complete details will be provided to such women who want to know whether they will not be disqualified. And if they are being disqualified, how can it be avoided? Complete details are available in this article. After knowing this, women who are being declared ineligible can save themselves from being ineligible.

Apart from this, such women who have not yet completed their registration and now want to complete their registration will also be provided with information about the procedure to complete the survey. You need to read the entire article to get the complete information and details.

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BISP New Survey For 10500 Payment

Women who are part of the Benazir Kafalat program and have been receiving financial assistance for the past two to three years. But after the new BISP survey update released by the Government of Pakistan, they are in trouble. And they want to know whether they will also be disqualified; they need not worry; I am going to provide complete details to such women here. After knowing which such women can avoid being disqualified,.

First of all, it has to be understood which women are being declared ineligible. So let me tell you that those women who received the SMS from BISP 8171 to complete the survey again and did not complete their survey will be disqualified by BISP after June 30. And they will not be able to receive their money. In addition, women who received the survey SMS and completed their survey found their financial situation stable at the time of the survey, and their PMT score was greater than 32. So they will also be disqualified.

Remember, if any women do not complete their survey thinking that they will be disqualified after doing the survey, they will be disqualified even if they do not complete the survey. So it is important that you complete your re-survey at your nearest BISP office as soon as possible to avoid disqualification.

BISP New Survey For 10500 Payment

Procedure to complete the survey for new registration

Now let’s talk about women who want to be a part of the Benazir Kafalat program for the first time and have not yet completed their survey. How can they complete their survey? So let me tell you that such women can complete their survey by going to their nearest BISP tehsil office with all their necessary documents and a registered mobile number in their name. But before conducting the survey, it is necessary for such women to check their eligibility by visiting the 8171 web portal.

If she does not know how to use the internet and cannot check her eligibility by visiting the web portal, she can get the information by sending an SMS to her ID card number, 8171. After sending the SMS, they will receive a reply SMS within a few hours, within which they will be informed about the procedure and time of conducting the survey. Accordingly, she will be able to complete her survey by going to her nearest office.

Final Words

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has issued instructions to make 1 crore new families part of the Benazir Income Support Program. And for this reason, they are re-surveying the pre-registered women to gather information about those women whose financial conditions have stabilized so that they can declare them ineligible. But there are many women who do not have information about how to get their survey done again, and that is why many women are being declared ineligible for not completing the survey. In this article, such women have been provided complete details on how they can avoid disqualification by completing their survey. Further, if you want to get any kind of information related to this or want to get information to complete your registration within any other program, then you can leave your comment in the comment section and get information. .

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