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Last chance to avail Prime Minister Ramadan Relief Package

Prime Minister Ramadan Relief Package

Like last year, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced the Prime Minister’s Ramadan Relief Package for the poor and deserving people. Currently, millions of people are receiving subsidies under the relief package. This subsidy is being provided to people across the country through utility stores. Under the Prime Minister’s Relief Package, subsidies are being provided on 19 basic items of daily use, including ghee, oil, sugar, dal, gram, gram, gram, besan, dates, spices, and other essential items.

Millions of beneficiaries registered under the Benazir Income Support Program can benefit from this relief package. This is the last chance for the poor and deserving to benefit from the relief package as the last decade of Ramadan has begun. In this article, you will be told about the complete procedure for getting a subsidy. Further, this article contains a complete procedure for individuals who are not yet registered under the Benazir Income Support Program but want to receive the subsidy. You need to read the article for complete information.

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How to Get Subsidy from Ramadan Relief Package

Individuals who want to get subsidies under the Prime Minister’s Relief Package are being told in this article about the complete procedure. By completing simple steps through the mentioned procedure, they can get subsidies on 19 basic items of daily use. Such persons must be registered under the Benazir Income Support Program to receive the subsidy. They must have an ID card at the time of purchase.

If we talk about getting subsidies, then the procedure is very easy. Such persons can get a special discount on the purchase of rations by going to any utility store near them and providing their identity card to get a subsidy on the purchase of rations. The details of the items available at cheap prices for the purchase of rations are given in the image provided below.

Prime Minister Ramadan Relief Package

Eligibility Criteria

Certain eligibility criteria have been set for inclusion in the Prime Minister’s Relief Package. Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to avail of the benefits. The eligibility criteria laid down are as follows:

  • People living below the poverty line
  • Persons whose monthly income is less than sixty thousand rupees
  • Persons who are among the registered Benazir Income Support Program beneficiaries
  • People who do not have any kind of government job
  • Persons with disabilities living below the poverty line
  • Such women whose husbands have died can also benefit from this package.

Registration Procedure for Disqualified Persons

People who want to get a subsidy from the Ramadan relief package but have not yet completed their registration need not worry. Here, I am going to explain the complete registration procedure to guide such people. Such persons can complete their registration process with the help of the tell method. An ID card and a registered mobile number are required to complete the registration process.

BISP counters have been established at utility stores to provide maximum relief under the Ramzan relief package of the Government of Pakistan. People who have not yet registered and want to register can complete their registration process through these counters. Apart from this, the registration process can also be completed by going to any nearby PISP office. After completing the registration, the subsidy can be obtained from the Prime Minister’s Relief Package.

Required Document For Registration

  • ID Card
  • Register SIM card in your name
  • Children’s Bay Form
  • Proof of monthly income
  • Electricity or gas bill

Ramzan relief eligibility check online

The procedure is very easy for those who want to know their eligibility for the Ramadan relief package. Such persons can get complete information about their eligibility by going to the given website of the utility store with the help of their identity card. Apart from this, eligibility can also be checked by visiting the BISP 8171 web portal.

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