Withdraw your BISP cash from an ATM

Insert your BISP card: Make sure you insert the card in the correct direction, with the chip facing towards the machine.

Enter your PIN: Key in your four-digit PIN carefully. Remember, you have only three attempts to enter the correct PIN before your card gets blocked.

Select "Cash withdrawal": Look for the "Cash withdrawal" option on the screen and tap it.

Choose the withdrawal amount: BISP allows you to withdraw a minimum of Rs. 1,000 and a maximum of Rs. 12,000 per transaction. Select the amount you want to withdraw within these limits.

Confirm the transaction: Review the details on the screen, including the withdrawal amount and any applicable fees. If everything is correct, confirm the transaction.

Collect your cash and receipt: The ATM will dispense your cash and print a receipt. Be sure to take both the cash and the receipt for your records.