Rise from poverty with BISP: A step-by-step guide to a brighter future:

Eligibility check: Meet the criteria: monthly income below Rs. 50,000, at least one child (5-12 years) in school, and vulnerability based on BISP's poverty scoring.

Visit your local BISP office: Bring your family's CNICs, children's birth certificates, and school enrollment documents.

Fill out the application form: Carefully complete the provided form with accurate information.

Submit the application: Along with required documents, hand in the completed form for processing.

Verification and enrollment: BISP will verify your information and conduct a household survey. If approved, you'll be enrolled.

Receive your BISP card: This debit card holds the key to financial support - a lifeline for your family.

Monthly stipend (Rs. 12,000): Use this income to meet basic needs like food, shelter, and healthcare, improving your living standards.