Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Down

Meta platforms suddenly stop working in huge outage.

What Happened

A configuration change to the backbone routers caused a cascading effect, bringing all Meta services to a halt. 

How Long Did It Last? 

The outage lasted for more than five hours, affecting millions of users around the world. 

What Was the Impact? 

The outage disrupted social media, messaging, business, and advertising activities. Some users reported being logged out of their accounts or unable to access them. 

How Did Meta Respond? 

Meta apologized for the inconvenience and said it was working to restore the services as soon as possible. It also said it was investigating the root cause of the problem and taking steps to prevent it from happening again. 

What’s Next? 

Meta said it was committed to improving its services and delivering a better experience for its users. It also said it was grateful for the patience and support of its community.