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How to Report Benazir Kafaalat 10500 Deductions With Easy Process

Benazir Kafaalat 10500

Are you also facing various problems to get money from the Benazir Kafaalat program? If so, then they let you know the application process to register your complaint in the Benazir Kafalat program. Now you can easily register your complaint and get your problem resolved. For this, you should read our article in a good way so that you understand everything and you are able to find a solution to your problem.

Resolve Benazir Kafalat Issues

Poor and deserving people living in Pakistan who completed their registration process in the Benazir Kafalat program to get an amount of 10 thousand. After that they started getting money but they were facing some problems related to it. The money was being paid to them, but it was being deducted. Poor people were very worried because of this.

Let’s further say that if you have similar problems with people, then you can submit your complaint through your application by going to the portal given by Benazir Kafalat. You will get a good response soon. Apart from this, you can directly go to Benazir Kafalat Program office and submit your request on the complaint form.

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Resolve Benazir Kafaalat Issues

Stop Benazir Kafaalat Deductions By Office

If you are part of the Benazir Kafaalat program and are not receiving your full payments, you can file a complaint to stop the deductions. Even if you receive a small amount, you can still report this issue.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit your nearest BISP office.
  2. Bring a copy of your identity card.
  3. Have all necessary documents to verify your identity.
  4. Write an application explaining the issue.
  5. Submit the application to the BISP representative at the office.

The representative will verify your details and help ensure you receive your full payments. Legal action will be taken against anyone improperly deducting your money, and the deducted amount will be returned to you.

Resolve Benazir Kafaalat Payment Deductions

If you are part of the Benazir Kafaalat program and your payments are being deducted too much, you can file a complaint to get it resolved. BISP provides an online facility for this. Here’s simple steps to follow:

  1. Open Chrome on your mobile.
  2. Go to the official BISP website.
  3. Find the page for the Kafaalat program.
  4. Click on the option to file complaints.
  5. Submit your application by entering your ID card number.

Once your complaint is verified, your deducted money will be refunded. Legal action will be taken against the BISP representative responsible for the deductions.

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Easy Registration Process To Get 10,500

If you are eligible for the Benazir Kafaalat 10500 program but haven’t completed your registration, you won’t receive any payments. However, you still have a great chance to register and receive the benefits. The procedure is very easy and it is explained below in a very good way.

  1. Visit your nearest BISP office.
  2. Bring your identity card.
  3. Have your phone number ready.
  4. Bring all necessary documents for verification.
  5. The office representative will verify your information.
  6. Once verified, you will get a message confirming your registration is complete.

This straightforward process will help you start receiving payments from the Benazir Kafaalat 10500 program.


A payment of 10 thousand rupees was started by the Benazir Kafalat program, which many poor and deserving people were benefiting from it. But the problem was that the people who were receiving this money were being given this money with a deduction, so they were facing problems. The government has created a portal for them, now they can register their complaints through it. 

If you are also facing any kind of problem related to this, then you should register your complaints and solve your problems. Further you have been guided very well in this article. If you still have any question in your mind, then you can ask it in the comment section.


What should I do if I am not receiving my full Benazir Kafaalat payments? 

You can file a complaint either online through the BISP website or by visiting your nearest BISP office.

Can I still register for the Benazir Kafaalat 10500 program if I haven’t yet? 

Yes, visit your nearest BISP office with your ID card, phone number, and necessary documents. Once verified, you will get a confirmation message.

How long will it take to fix my complaint? 

The time can vary, but you should get your refunded money soon after your complaint is verified.

How can I avoid these deductions in the future? 

Make sure your information is correct and verified during registration. Report any issues immediately.

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