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BISP 8171 Check Online CNIC Check the Latest Update Here!

BISP 8171 Check Online CNIC

Various methods of 8171 Check Online CNIC have been introduced by BISP. Remember, these new procedures were introduced by the Benazir Income Support Program after the start of new registration. Because it has been seen that after completing the registration, the applicants are struggling while checking their eligibility. Keeping in mind that the Benazir Income Support Program has introduced different procedures to check eligibility at home, Within this article, all the eligibility-checking procedures are being provided for the applicants. By following this, the applicants who complete the registration will be able to check their eligibility easily.

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BISP 8171 Check Online CNIC

BISP 8171 Result check online by CNIC

Applicants who have completed the registration and who were facing difficulties in checking the eligibility after completing the registration can now check their eligibility online at home. BISP has established an online web portal to facilitate such applicants. By going to which applicants can enter their ID card number and see complete details about their eligibility and amount at home. The process is straightforward:

  • First, open the BISP official web portal on your mobile device or computer.
  • As soon as the web portal opens, you will see a form on the screen in which you will be asked to enter your ID card number and Captcha code.
  • Enter your ID card number and captcha code in the form. Remember not to enter dashes while entering the ID card number.
  • After entering both things correctly, you will see a button named “Find” on the screen.
  • As soon as you press the button, complete details of your eligibility and amount will appear on your screen.

Remember, after completing the registration, the eligibility information starts appearing on the web portal after 6 months. So if more than 6 months have passed since you completed your registration, you will be able to check your eligibility through the web portal.

BISP 8171 Result check By SMS

BISP provides the facility of an eligibility check through SMS to those who cannot use the online procedure. Here, for such people, I am going to provide a complete procedure to check eligibility through SMS, by following which such people can check their eligibility by sending an SMS at home. The process is straightforward:

  • First, go to the SMS application on your mobile.
  • And type a new SMS.
  • Enter your ID card number without dashes inside the SMS body.
  • Send it via SMS to 8171.
  • Remember, while sending SMS, make sure that the number from which you are sending SMS is registered in your own name.
  • Immediately after sending the SMS, within a few minutes, you will receive a reply SMS containing all the details about your eligibility and amount.

This method is a little less efficient than the online eligibility check method, so if you do not receive the reply SMS immediately, then you need not worry. If you do not receive a reply SMS, you can try again.

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How to get Eligibility Check from BISP Office

This is the final procedure to check the eligibility of those who have completed registration in the Benazir Income Support Program. This procedure is especially used by applicants when they do not receive a satisfactory response after checking their eligibility online or through SMS. In this case, such persons can go to their nearest BISP office with their identity card to get their eligibility checked. After going to the office, you can check your eligibility by providing your ID card number to the representative there.


The methods provided by the Benazir Income Support Program for verification of eligibility after completing the registration create many conveniences for the applicants. Now, applicants who have completed their registration process and were facing problems checking their eligibility will no longer have to face such problems. This article contains all the procedures introduced by BISP through which applicants can check their eligibility. If anyone needs any further information or has any queries regarding this, they can ask in the comment section.

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