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Benazir Kafalat's New Registration Started After Eid

Benazir Kafalat Program

The Benazir Kafalat Program is Pakistan’s largest unconditional cash transfer program, operating under the Benazir Income Support Program for Women. Under this program, women and transgender people belonging to poor and deserving families are provided with a stipend of Rs 10,500 every three months. Funds are provided through special camp sites of partner banks across the country, but currently these payments are being made through specific camp sites established by the BISP.

The happy thing is that the government of Pakistan has decided to start the new registration immediately after Eid to include new women in the Kafalat program. In this article, complete details are being provided to women belonging to poor and deserving families to complete the registration. So that women belonging to poor and deserving families can get financial assistance by completing the registration.

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Procedure To Complete Registration

According to the procedure provided by the Benazir Income Support Program, women who meet the eligibility criteria can join the Kafalat program by completing their NSER survey at the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office.

For the guidance of the women who complete the registration for the first time, let me tell you that the process of completing the NSER survey is actually called the process of completing the registration. During the NSER survey, women are asked various questions related to socio-economic conditions, and on the basis of these questions, women are made a part of the program. So, those women who were misunderstood in this regard hope that now they will not have to face any difficulties in completing the registration.

Benazir Kafalat's New Registration

Procedure for Completing NSER Survey

The procedure to complete the NSER survey to be a part of the Benazir Kafalat program is as follows:

  • First, visit your nearest BISP Tehsil office.
  • After visiting the office, visit the dynamic registration desk.
  • Provide your ID card and child bay form to the BISP representative at the desk.
  • After verification, the representative at the desk will issue you a token to complete the survey.
  • After getting the token, visit the waiting room.
  • After getting the token number, visit the survey registration room.
  • Inside the survey registration room, the Majoj representative will ask you a variety of questions containing socio-economic information.
  • Answer the questions asked by the representative accurately.
  • After the survey is completed, the representative will take your fingerprints for verification.
  • And your NSER survey will be completed, after which you will receive a confirmation SMS from 8171.
  • Women who meet the eligibility criteria will receive an eligibility message from 8171 after the screening is completed.

Necessary Documents for Completing NSER Survey

Women will need the following documents to complete the NSER (National Socio-Economic Registry) survey:

  • Original Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC): Must be issued by NADRA.
  • B-Form, or Child Registration Certificate (CRC): must be issued by NADRA.
  • Electricity and Gas Bill: If your house has an electricity and gas facility, provide the latest bill.

Note: Women are requested to provide all their correct information during the NSER survey. If women provide false information during the survey, they may be permanently disqualified from the program, and legal action may be taken.

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Final Words

With the decision of the government of Pakistan to start the new registration of the Kafalat program, about one million women will be able to be part of the program. Aspiring women can access financial aid by completing their registration by following the procedure provided within the article. Women facing any kind of difficulties in completing the registration can get complete information by commenting in the comment section below or visiting their nearest Benazir Income Support office.

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